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Marcelino model is a Classic 4-bedroom house plan that can be built in a 213 sq.m. lot with 13 meter width as minimum. Starting from the ground floor, this house design is provided with a garage that can accommodate 2 cars. A small porch serve as gateway to the 6 meter by 4 meter living room. On the U-shaped stairs, beneath is a comfort room which serve as common bathroom for the entire ground floor.

Moving forward is an area for dining, kitchen and mini-bar. A 6 by 4 meters dining is ideal for a medium size family. Kitchen is 3 meters by 4 meters enhanced by adding a mini-bar to separate the kitchen from the dining area. The dining area is provided with a lanai at the back for relaxation after each meal. It has an option to be open and also can be covered with trellis at poly-carbonate roofing. Kitchen is also provided with a service area or dirty kitchen whenever the main kitchen is already busy. The kitchen is also accessible from the garage a convenient way to transfer goods after going to market. A small patio is also provided in the living area to augment space. A small bedroom in the ground floor can serve as a guest room or it can be converted to maid’s room.

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