NeMo by Phil Kean Designs

NeMo (New Modern) was completed by Phil Kean Designs, and it is located in Winter Park, Florida.

The home is of a sophisticated design, with stone walls, elegant decorative accessories, and an earthy neutral palette.

NeMo-01-800x640 NeMo-02-800x525 NeMo-03-800x628 NeMo-04-800x559 NeMo-05-800x530 NeMo-06 NeMo-07 NeMo-10-800x640 NeMo-11-800x628 NeMo-12-800x586 NeMo-13-800x483 NeMo-14-800x640 NeMo-15-800x533 NeMo-16-800x533 NeMo-18 NeMo-19-800x533 NeMo-20-800x597 NeMo-21-800x533 NeMo-22-800x640 NeMo-23-800x533

Photos courtesy of Phil Kean Designs