Hougang Street Apartment by KNQ Associates

Architects: KNQ Associates
Location: Parc Vera Condo, Singapore
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: KNQ Associates

The proprietors of this flat have been our studio’s long time companions. Given this is the second time we are working with them, we have the capacity to comprehend their needs and necessities, and additionally individual taste better this time.

The neat and tidy style begins at the family room. Presenting calculated lines and undulating surfaces to make a direct visual complexity against straight and level components, we plan to deconstruct the insides in an inconspicuous, subtle way. Indeed, even the little points of interest, similar to the tweaked picture of highly contrasting photography which brighten the dividers are orchestrated slyly in an atypical collection game plan to tie up with the outline idea.

The shading palette is kept light and monochromatic to guarantee the inside space stays vaporous and feels ‘light’. The shading blue serves a focal part to keep the home from looking sterile from utilizing an unbiased plan, and additionally being a shading picked by a Feng Shui expert to guarantee the prosperity of the couple.

The hilter kilter structures proceeds in the main room, where a TV board has been intended to keep the space between the end of the quaint little inn inverse divider clear for entry. Resembling a stone monument, it breaks the standard limit of a rectangular room and serves as a major aspect of the false roof to hold the lights. So also, an intense red wallpaper at the headboard divider – shading proposed by the Feng Shui advisor – charges vicinity in the room. The room feels peaceful even with such an in number emphasize all things considered.

In the study cum visitor room, the modified implicit stockpiling furniture is comparably outlined in view of the focal subject – graphical lines make a geometric example on the entryways for visual hobby. The decision shade of orange on one divider seizes you, particularly since whatever remains of the dividers are secured in light grayish and chestnut tones.

Hougang-Street-Apartment-by-KNQ-Associates-01 Hougang-Street-Apartment-by-KNQ-Associates-02 Hougang-Street-Apartment-by-KNQ-Associates-03 Hougang-Street-Apartment-by-KNQ-Associates-04 Hougang-Street-Apartment-by-KNQ-Associates-05 Hougang-Street-Apartment-by-KNQ-Associates-06 Hougang-Street-Apartment-by-KNQ-Associates-07 Hougang-Street-Apartment-by-KNQ-Associates-08 Hougang-Street-Apartment-by-KNQ-Associates-09 Hougang-Street-Apartment-by-KNQ-Associates-10 Hougang-Street-Apartment-by-KNQ-Associates-11 Hougang-Street-Apartment-by-KNQ-Associates-12 Hougang-Street-Apartment-by-KNQ-Associates-13