Suan Kachamudee boutique resort designed by Sicart & Smith Architects

Architects: Sicart & Smith Architects
Location: Ko Samui, Thailand
Year: 2015
Area: 10,764 sqft / 1,000 sqm
Photo courtesy: Anne Sophie Maestracci

Suan Kachamudee task is an one of a kind and comfortable “boutique” resort situated on the East Coast of Koh Samui Island in Chaweng Noi, Thailand. The task is situated on a slope with an amazing perspective and with exceptionally solid limitations: an incline more than half, expansive and various stone rocks, and lavish vegetation. We added to the undertaking around these limitations, exploiting each.

The principle thought was to make a complexity between the structures and the stones. The structures are sporadic sharp white squares lay on the lush scene interestingly with the current huge round dark rock stones.

These white pieces are part in different units, dispersed a long the slant of the site, minimizing the thickness discernment, and changing their area to the current stone rocks, also to safeguard the current vegetation. Plus, the outline of the white shell is not a basic session of shape. They are a shell that has been concentrated precisely with respect to the sun powered security under tropical atmosphere.

The visitors land to the Reception/SPA assembling that give an astounding perspective to the ocean. The way drives the visitor to the Main building with the swimming pool situated in the center of the area. The room units with their own particular private patios are spread around the primary building.

By and large, the venture is made out of 8 rooms split in 5 hinders, a SPA, a Main Building with a vast swimming pool and a complete living region. The resort creates 1,000 sqm development on a 2,500 sqm site.

The Architects “Sicart and Smith Architects” a French International Design Studio situated in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) has built up the structural engineering of the task (excluding the inside configuration) and the Project Manager “9PM” has dealing with the general development process with neighborhood temporary worker. The outline has been started in 2013 and the undertaking has been finished in mid 2015.

1 2 Suan-Kachamudee-boutique-resort-designed-by-Sicart-Smith-Architects-03 Suan-Kachamudee-boutique-resort-designed-by-Sicart-Smith-Architects-04 Suan-Kachamudee-boutique-resort-designed-by-Sicart-Smith-Architects-05 Suan-Kachamudee-boutique-resort-designed-by-Sicart-Smith-Architects-06 Suan-Kachamudee-boutique-resort-designed-by-Sicart-Smith-Architects-07 Suan-Kachamudee-boutique-resort-designed-by-Sicart-Smith-Architects-08 Suan-Kachamudee-boutique-resort-designed-by-Sicart-Smith-Architects-09 Suan-Kachamudee-boutique-resort-designed-by-Sicart-Smith-Architects-10 Suan-Kachamudee-boutique-resort-designed-by-Sicart-Smith-Architects-11 Suan-Kachamudee-boutique-resort-designed-by-Sicart-Smith-Architects-12 Suan-Kachamudee-boutique-resort-designed-by-Sicart-Smith-Architects-13