Aedas designed the Hotel Indigo in Hong Kong with a swimming pool that hangs out over the edge of the building

Architects: Aedas
Location: Hong Kong
Year: 2013
Area: 91,493 sqft / 8,500 sqm the whole hotel
Photo courtesy: Aedas

It is on a 12.1 meter wide corner site, far smaller than any routine business hotelier would try considering. It has a standout amongst the most sensational lodging swimming pools in China. What’s more, it’s one of Hong Kong’s main twenty lodgings.


Connop says, ‘The customer needed to put a little lodging in among the business sectors, the odor of meat, minor eateries and a tight site – it was preposterously thin. He needed rooms with huge sheets of glass to permit visitors unhampered perspectives through the encompassing flat and office towers.’


It is actually wrapped in a winding of painstakingly situated shined bronze sunlight based shades which take after a way recommended by exploratory sun based investigations of the building’s shape and setting. This mythical serpent, for that is the thing that the way of the bronze shades speaks to, spirals up the building looking for the incredible pearl which, with a little extend of the creative energy, ends up being the sparkling and evidently unsafe swimming pool. Winged serpent is a definitive Chinese image of grandiose vitality, Chi.

Aedas-designed-the-Hotel-Indigo-in-Hong-Kong-with-a-swimming-pool-that-hangs-out-over-the-edge-of-the-building-03 Aedas-designed-the-Hotel-Indigo-in-Hong-Kong-with-a-swimming-pool-that-hangs-out-over-the-edge-of-the-building-04 Aedas-designed-the-Hotel-Indigo-in-Hong-Kong-with-a-swimming-pool-that-hangs-out-over-the-edge-of-the-building-05 Aedas-designed-the-Hotel-Indigo-in-Hong-Kong-with-a-swimming-pool-that-hangs-out-over-the-edge-of-the-building-06 Aedas-designed-the-Hotel-Indigo-in-Hong-Kong-with-a-swimming-pool-that-hangs-out-over-the-edge-of-the-building-08