Mesmerizing Small Residential House

This is the Version 2 of Small House Design SHD-2014006 which entails simplicity but interesting and functional design. This house plan has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The main entrance is elevated to at least 3 steps which is more or less 600 mm from the finish grade line, moreover the 3 bedrooms are also elevated from the main floor of the living room.

This small house design features stone veneer, aluminum window frames, ceramic tile floor and pre-painted long span roofing. This house design can be built in a lot having an area of at least 263 sq. m. or a lot having a dimension of 15.5 meters frontage by 17 meter in depth.

Although garage is not included in this house design, this will always be a good choice for Filipinos earning an average, which also have been tailored to fit the client’s preference. Feel free to use all house designs listed here at Pinoy ePlans for your future house or maybe your dream house. Pinoy eplans will always be showing house designs which are best fitted to Filipino taste, economy but still interesting and functional home designs.

Image Via: Home Design

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