Swanbourne Duplex in Australia by Yael K. Designs

Yael K. Designs has made this wonderful masterpiece in order to complete the needs of the owners and to satisfy their opposite wishes. Swanbourne duplex is very daring type of home because is mix of natural materials and polished textures and glass details.

The needs and wishes of the two owners were difficult to realize in just one house. They wanted practicality and function of the house on one side and edgy, wow experience for everyone that would come in- on the other side. Place for storage was necessary element of the house that the both sides wanted it. Two houses with tight budget at the end looked exactly as the wishes and needs of the owners and the architecture company made a real paradise for every eyes.

Swanbourne-Duplex-By-Yael-K.-Designs- Swanbourne-Duplex-By-Yael-K.-Designs-1Swanbourne-Duplex-By-Yael-K.-Designs-2  Swanbourne-Duplex-By-Yael-K.-Designs-4Swanbourne-Duplex-By-Yael-K.-Designs-7  Swanbourne-Duplex-By-Yael-K.-Designs-10Swanbourne-Duplex-By-Yael-K.-Designs-5Swanbourne-Duplex-By-Yael-K.-Designs-3 Swanbourne-Duplex-By-Yael-K.-Designs-8