Meet the 2014 Allegro Breeze

Home on wheels – would you accept? Many people are only safe and comfortable at the ground in their regular homes. But in many cases people do accept the challenge to travel in a home on wheels and to be home every where!

2014 Allegro Breeze is elegant, sophisticated, compact, easy for driving and acceptable place to live and travel at the same time. The AC system integrated to the vehicle is making the interior warm and cool as the wishes of the travelers or the tenants.

Interior design of Allegro Breeze is quite modern and stylish with LED lights, vinyl flooring, handcrafted hardwood, interesting furniture elements and everything that makes it more like a real home. This way living here on wheels would be comfortable and acceptable even for those who didn’t like the idea at first. This is a very firm made vehicle with hard roof made of one piece fiberglass that protects it from rain and fire.

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