28 Of The Coolest Kitchen Gadgets For Foodies

It’s not what you cook but how you cook it. This is why there are endless gadgets you can buy for the kitchen, allowing you to transform your cooking space into the coolest spot in town. You can mix your soup with Nessie the Loch Ness Monster, or use a custom engraved rolling pin to make cat impressions on all of your cookies.

If you spend any time in the kitchen you are sure to appreciate this list of the coolest kitchen gadgets for food lovers!


1.  Nessie Soup Ladle2

2. Custom Engraved Rolling Pins

Every crazy cat lady (and man) needs one of these, pronto!


3. Ferry Silicone Steaming Pot Lid

Turn your dinner into an adorable ferry, complete with steam!


4. Spartan Knife Holder

This knife holder, believe it or not, is actually a DIY project you can do at home.


5. Mr. Tea Infuser


6. Herb Scissors With 5 Blades

These incredible looking scissors just might change my life…


7. Bling Bling Jewels Ice Cube Tray

For only $8 you can serve your guests ice cubes that look like giant fancy diamonds.


8. Cute Mitten Ice Tongs

The perfect way to serve frosty ice cubes, wearing mittens of course!


9. Shark Tea Infuser

Add red-colored tea and watch the movie Jaws come to life in your mug!

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10. Magically Season Your Food With Wand Salt And Pepper Shaker


11. Splash-Shaped Spoon Rest And Cutting Board


12. Hedgehog Cheese Grater


14. Boiled Egg Mold Shaped Like A Skull

A spooky hard-boiled egg will get kids excited about consuming some protein!

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15. Panda Stamp For Your Toast

How beary cute!

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16. Pizza Scissors

This is genius, and simplifies slicing pizza to a whole new level!


17. Deep Tea Infuser


18. Hot (And Very Strong) Man Trivet

This burning man with fierce muscles is happy to hold up your hottest pots and pans.

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9. Shark Infested Sushi Plate

You’ll have to battle off the sharks to eat your sushi on this awesome ocean-inspired plate


20. Jaws Knife Sharpener

Talk about a conversation starter, everyone that comes into your kitchen will want to know what this cool gadget does.


21. Cute Manatea Tea Infuser


22. Unicorn Sprinkle Shaker

These days you don’t just need a salt and pepper shaker, you also need a sprinkle shaker! And what could be better than sprinkles straight from a unicorn?!


23. Ice Cube Molds: Brain Freeze Edition


24. Triceratops Corn Holder

Unlike traditionally small corn holders, there’s plenty of room to hang on tight as you sink your teeth into delicious corn on the cob.


25. Jeans Muffin Sleeve

Talk about a real “muffin top”! These make for the most hilarious and delicious joke ever.

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27. Engraved Cookie Stamp

There is only thing better than a delicious cookie, an adorable AND delicious cookie. When it comes to cute this engraved cookie stamp takes the cake, or rather the cookie!


28. Put A Cork In It With This Chicken Bottle Stopper


29. Beer Google Drink Identifier


30. Flower Power Pot Opener